Guyanese whores

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Brazilian woman club owner slapped with prostitution charges

guyanese whores
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Prostitution in Guyana

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Guyana Prostitutes Inc.

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That report led to the bust of the Barbados-Guyana human trafficking ring. Barbados police, on April 18, raided a bar in downtown Nelson Street and found the five girls clad only in bathing suits, purportedly working as prostitutes. The barman and proprietrix were arrested and slapped with 30 charges relating to human trafficking and false imprisonment. At the time police seized a quantity of passports, some said to be forged.

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  1. Prostitution in Guyana is illegal but widespread. Prostitution law is antiquated and dates from as a sideline. In the capital, Georgetown, prostitutes sometimes visit moored freighters, with the captain's permission, to service the crews.

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