See threw yoga pants

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women wearing see through yoga pants

see threw yoga pants

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This article is from the archive of our partner. As if a story about women's butts couldn't get any more tantalizing, Lululemon CEO Christine Day more or less just asked the owners of the struggling workout-wear company's defective yoga pants to bend over in skin-tight, possibly see-through leggings and have someone inspect their butts. Traditional factory inspections likely don't include a human bend-over test and therefore wouldn't have detected the issue.

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Great yoga classes allow you the ability to do each pose with your own modifications or variations on intensity, and the best yoga leggings are pretty much the same. Each person has their individual practice approach, so everyone needs options when looking for the best yoga leggings for themselves. For me, comfort and long-wear are the highest on my list of priorities when I shop for yoga clothing.
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When the Lululemon see-through yoga pants "scandal" broke, the general reaction was amusement. I sent the story to my trainer, who is a Lululemon loyalist, and even she joked that she's probably "displayed her behind" at the gym more often than she'd like to know. But in the midst of all the bare butt chatter, some other strange realities have been uncovered. The problem with sheer yoga pants isn't so much that your butt cheeks are visible, but that your thong is. Fretting that a thong is showing doesn't seem like the problem at all Can we please talk about why on earth someone would think it was a wise idea to wear thong underwear to exercise in the first place?!

This article is from the archive of our partner. Bad idea. Said supplier now says the pants were no different than any other batch.

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