Mens running tights in public

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Is it ever really OK for men to wear tights?

mens running tights in public
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Now, it seems, men are getting in on the trend. And they're not immune to the same cheeky mockery. First, you need to get with the lingo.
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What would girls think about a guy wearing running tights in a store?

The Best Winter Running Tights

Sign up or log in to share. I love those things. I love them even more because it shows that the guy isn't embarrassed about "compromising" his manliness.
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Get some running shorts., Since athleisure exploded onto the fashion scene, women have embraced form-fitting leggings as a wear-everywhere, do-everything garment.

Why Men Should Embrace the Leggings-Only Look

These tights are warmer, more comfortable, and more stretchable that is, the fabric can tolerate pulling without tearing or losing form than any other pair we tested. These tights proved the warmest and most comfortable of the bunch, and all our testers commended them for their flattering fit and shape. The North Face Winter Warm Tights met all these criteria and more, as our testers gave this pair the highest scores for warmth, comfort, and fit—by a long shot. Unlike with some other winter running garments, we had no trouble finding the Winter Warm Tights at most major outdoor retailers. These tights compete directly with the Sugoi tights in warmth, but they have more pocket space plus a fabric blend that promises long-term reliability. With a rear zippered storage pocket, this pair can also reliably store gels, keys, or money, making it a viable option for distance runs.


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