Osana and ayano

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Osana Najimi

osana and ayano

Step Sisters Sexual Circumstances - Umemaro 3D /uff08V : Mari Osana)/uff09

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Yandere Simulator RAP BATTLE (fan recreation) - Nguoihuongdan.com

Yandere chan vs Osana najimi rap battle Lyrics: Ayano:Huh?! / Midori:Drop em'! / Ayano:Grrr fine.. / *Ayano drops weapons* / Midori:All of them.
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The last build had some really unfortunate bugs in it. To see a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, please scroll down past this awesome artwork of Delinquent Ayano by inverted. And also, this equally-awesome artwork by SakuraNoNeko! A new feature has been implemented as a side-effect of putting Osana into the game! You can find links to every version of the manga in the original blog post about it!

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  1. So I'm gonna write this fanfic full of random one shots because I'm weird and no one ships this.

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