Stripping magic trick

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stripping magic trick
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Homemade Stripper Deck

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A trick deck usually refers to a deck of playing cards that has been altered in some way to allow magicians to perform certain card tricks where sleight of hand would be too difficult or impractical. Even after being shuffled into the deck by a spectator, the magician can cut to a selected card. Similarly, even after being lost in different parts of the deck, the magician can move multiple cards to specific locations using basic shuffles. Unlike the invisible or svengali deck, the stripper deck can be handled by an audience member unfamiliar with the concept and can withstand a modest amount of scrutiny without exposing the secret; however, this deck is found in a number of beginners' magic kits, so the secret is well-known, even among non-magicians. The cards of a stripper deck are slightly tapered, so that the sides no longer form a perfect rectangle.

Please note - you probably will need a bit of stripper deck knowledge to understand some parts of this instructable I've always loved the effects of the stripper deck, but it costs so much more than a standard deck for a few cuts here and there. I was recently given a deck from a friend who never used it and I thought "Hey, a spare deck which isn't particularly good it's cheapo.

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