Aunt and nephew stories

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aunt and nephew stories
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What happened after that I have no memory of until the following morning when I woke up in a strange bedroom. I looked around and seen an empty wine bottle and glass on the cabinet on my right and when I turned to my left I realised I wasnt alone in the bed and I was also naked!! So thats what we done, took a nice hot bath together, washing eachother, kissing and discussing what we wanted to do to eachother but one night turned into a week and there was not much we didnt try in that week either which I will put into more stories depending on the feedback I receive to this first effort….

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It began when I was at a family get together on a hot summer day. All I saw was her thick thighs and massive breasts hanging out of her shirt. She had on cut-off denim shorts and a t-shirt. I gazed before she broke my attention by asking me to help with her luggage.

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  1. Getting to know my nephew at my sister's wedding - and after. Jeremy and his mom with a side of his aunt and her friend. 'aunt nephew incest' stories.

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