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Dick and Dom in trouble over birth sketch

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BBC raps rude Dick and Dom

Passengers on the Southend to Fenchurch Street, London, line, were trying to highlight their opposition to plans to put televisions on trains. They say the TVs, which will broadcast news, travel updates and advertisements, are noisy, intrusive and will not be able to be turned off. The BBC's own programme complaints unit ruled the pair's behaviour had "exceeded acceptable limits".

Feb 8, Children's BBC stars Dick and Dom have been criticised by bosses after pretending to be flashers and appearing "almost naked" wearing just.
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Dick and Dom in the dock again

The early shift people seem to be leaving lots of messages for jo whiley. They seem to be jumping a show and talking to the ten o'clock show. Chris moyles virtually never talks to greg james or to D and D. Its getting a bit obvious. I think he feels that greg james stole JK and Joels jobs. I do think Chris likes to keep the new people in place.

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