Vybz kartel and spice ramping shop

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Romping Shop Lyrics

vybz kartel and spice ramping shop

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Dancehall music, movement, and lyrics are both prolific and symbiotic in nature. Riddims recycled, usually electronically-produced instrumental tracks provide the framework for songs, which both mimic and generate dance movements in a loop of interpenetration between movement, music, and thematic content. In the s the digitization of rhythms enabled dancehall as a nascent genre to auto-reproduce at a breathtaking pace Hope

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Romping Shop

Ah di teacha And ah spice Every man grab a gyal And every gyal grab a man Man to man, gyal to gyal dats wrong Scorn dem All wen a nite yuh pussy feel like sun hot; wen yuh come inna mi ramping shop Mek sure yuh kno how fi wuk and ah chat yah ah chat Hey, mi cocky longa than mi nike Tell me wah yuh like Yuh wah mi drive or yuh wah fi ride it like a bike Well, yuh haffi ram it hard Di cocky nuh fi lie Damage it fi spite Not becah mi pussy tight Suppose mi put it pon di left Can yuh tek it pan di right Mi nipple dem a ripe Sen it up inna mi tribe What?
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