Trish stratus and viscera

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WWE: 10 Most Memorable Viscera Moments

trish stratus and viscera
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Patricia Anne Stratigeas better known by her wrestling stage name Trish Stratus, is a Canadian .. again onto the stage, but Viscera saved her. Stratus would then form a short-lived alliance with Viscera, who was ordered to protect her.
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Trish Stratus, Lita, Kane and Viscera Segment

Viscera and Trish Stratus segment

Patricia Anne Stratigias December 18, , better known as Trish Stratus , is a Canadian actress and television personality currently signed with World Wrestling Entertainment. She is also a former fitness model and semi-retired professional wrestler.

Trish Stratus and Viscera Kiss

Skip to main content. In June , Nelson Frazier Jr. Was it tough fitting into a roster full of veterans? Not only being a big young guy, but also being a young black guy. It was pretty difficult, but it was an experience. Check out photos from Frazier's run as Big Daddy V. What was it like sharing a ring with the monstrous Yokozuna?

Her mother Alice is a teacher of Polish descent, and her father John is a real estate agent of Greek descent father passed away on March 16, She was aspiring to become a doctor before a teachers strike interrupted the school. In , Trish got her foot in the door with wrestling as a co-host of the radio show Live Audio Wrestling.

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  1. In April , Viscera was hired by Trish Stratus to help get revenge against her rival Lita and her husband Kane. In segments, Trish implied.

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