Cute guys with brown hair and blue eyes

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cute guys with brown hair and blue eyes

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Men with brown eyes are perceived as more dominant, but it’s not because their eyes are brown

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Dark Hair & Blue Eyes (Boys & Men)

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White men with brown eyes are perceived to be more dominant than their blue-eyed counterparts. However, a blue-eyed man looking to make himself appear more dominant would be wasting his time investing in brown-coloured contact lenses. A new study by Karel Kleisner and colleagues at Charles University in the Czech Republic has found that brown iris colour seems to co-occur with some other aspect of facial appearance that triggers in others the perception of dominance.

This is true because originally only Caucasians were the ones who had this striking eye colour. Eventually, as evolution took place a lot of people who were black too developed this eye colour and started to be born with it. This can historically be explained by the fact that the Africans had colonised Europe about 10, years ago. Hence, it can mean that some black people may have inherited this due to inter-breeding between the whites and the blacks. Once this gene of blue eyes was passed on by the whites to the blacks, even black boys and girls started to be born with this beautiful eye colour.


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