Glee fanfiction rachel and puck dating

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glee fanfiction rachel and puck dating
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I don't own Glee or the character, because if I did things would be a little different! Rachel's shoulders sagged just as bit when she saw the sign being posted in the hallway.

I do like to stalk other stories though :3 hehe mostly Samchel and Puckleberry stories. - Straightening out her uniform and fixing her ponytail, Rachel watched Puck while he too was fixing himself up.

BTW they have not had sex yet, they just go on dates, make out, sometimes hit second base and that's about it. Puck came into Glee the following Thursday after his date with Rachel to find Matt, Mike and Finn all seated in the corner watching as Rachel, Brittany and Santana rehearsed some dance steps. The guys were all watching intently and then all three girls spun at the same time flicking their skirts up, and while Brittany and Santana showed off some not so sexy spankies, the boys got a small glimpse of Rachel's lace red underwear. Puck had to resist punching them both. They had their own girls to perve on Whoa awkward conversation going on in his head, abort, abort, think of something else. Finn noticed that Puck became tense over Mike and Matt ogling Rachel and frowned.

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