Ren and stimpy episode 1 full

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The Ren & Stimpy Show

ren and stimpy episode 1 full
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The Ren and Stimpy Show S1 E01 - Big House Blues (Nick Version)

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A hyperactive Chihuahua named Ren and his brainless cat pal, Stimpy, headlined this cartoon series on Nickelodeon. The duo's zany adventures were accompanied by gross-out humor and outlandish sight gags. But Stimpy soon realizes his fame can't cure his homesickness.

The series follows the adventures of title characters Ren , an emotionally unstable chihuahua and Stimpy , a good-natured yet dimwitted cat. The show premiered on August 11, , as one of the original three Nicktoons alongside Rugrats and Doug. Throughout its run, the show was controversial for its off-color and dark humor, sexual innuendos, adult jokes, and violence. The production's failure to deliver episodes on time and its deteriorating relationship with Nickelodeon executives and Standards and Practices department led to Kricfalusi's departure from the show in

The series premiered on August 11th, along with Rugrats and Doug , the first two episodes started off as a story arc. So in that case, season one is the only season to have a story arc, instead of a two part double length episode. The season premiered on the same day the show started, and finished airing on February 23rd, Sign In Don't have an account?

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