Ella giselle before and after

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Review: The unexpected turn I Am Cait took in its second season

ella giselle before and after
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I Am Cait's Ella Giselle on What It's Like to Transition From Male to Female in High School

The second season of a groundbreaking reality television show began differently, with a road trip. Review: I Am Cait season one.
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‘I Am Cait’s’ Teen Cast Member Reaches Out to Younger Viewers

I Am Cait Star Ella Giselle Gets Real About Transitioning in High School. By Kelly Bryant . That was before I transitioned obviously. I met with . Patricia Arquette and Patti Hansen Talk Love, Friendship, and Work After
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I Am Cait returns to E! Ella is the youngest member of Caitlyn's group of friends, and in an interview MiMiChatter, the year-old said that she knows Cait through her assistant and best friend Ronda Kamihara , who dated Ella's dad when she was young. And it just so happened that Cait and Ella, though years apart in age, both transitioned in the same year, as she explained to MiMiChatter.

Who Is Ella Giselle? 'I Am Cait' Season 2 Adds A New Advocate To Caitlyn's Crew

It's deep, bordering on academic, in season two which premieres this Sunday. The second chapter of Caitlyn Jenner 's on-camera, post-transition journey revolves around a cross-country road trip she takes with her fellow transgender girlfriends—and knotty conversations on identity, sexuality, and tolerance. More than holding her own with this group of women is year-old Ella Giselle of Ventura, California, a longtime family friend of Jenner's. When Jenner appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair , she and Giselle reconnected—and, after graduating from high school in , Giselle below, far left joined the cast of I Am Cait. Before that, though, she transitioned from male to female between her junior and senior years of high school.

Because of the show, I am there for them through their transitions. I am an example of their work. Kate is a pioneer. She got death threats. I get to go to high school. They reminded me of how hard they had it. The show is important to viewers in the global TV market.

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