Mimi from love and hip hop video

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Mimi Finally Breaks Up With Stevie J During 'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta' Season One Finale [VIDEO]

mimi from love and hip hop video
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'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Reunion Recap: Stevie J Apologizes to Mimi

She endured a rough childhood, having been abandoned in Los Angeles, California, by her Scientologist mother at the age of In the s, she was Claudia Jordan's roommate and appeared as a video vixen in music videos for Pharrell Williams and Kelly Price.

The hardcore sex video is a move that no housewife ever dared to do. The producers of the reality show from VH1 does not mind the sex tape, and would even use it to promote the show. Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith recorded their own version of a sex video which was acquired by Vivid Entertainment.
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Mimi Faust

'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Star Mimi Faust Finally Admits Her Sex Tape Was Staged All Along [Video]

Stevie J, who openly cheated on Mimi Faust with the show's co-star Joseline Hernandez, tried to patch things up with Mimi during Monday night's episode on VH1 , but Mimi wasn't having any of it. His words seemed to be from the heart and they were spoken in what appeared to be a genuine manner, but Mimi saw right through his explanations and told him she was not happy being with him anymore. It seemed like the conversation may even go well, as the couple were speaking cordially and communicating nicely. Stevie, we have done this and we have tried this and every time we have this conversation, you tell me you want to fix this, you tell me you want to make this right, you want to make it better, and it never gets better, it gets worse," Mimi told Stevie J.

She first appeared as the long-time girlfriend of producer Stevie J. Born Oluremi Fela James, she was raised with a mother active in Scientology. They actually came to me and said I was a freeloader because I ate their food and slept there and I wasn't indeed working for them. In fact, her birth was the result of an affair ; Faust grew up believing that another man was her birth father. She would go on to take her biological father's last name after developing a relationship with him.

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