Jelly and sanna kiss

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Abigail Tilden & Sanna Guerin's Wedding Registry 8/31/2019

jelly and sanna kiss
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Very pretty little tree! We usually put ours up artificial today but we went to a antique car show with friends instead-very different for us but we had fun! It's so lovely-- I don't even resent the fact that you're all set up for Christmas and I'm nowhere near! And let me know if you find any extra small animals in your tree-- just sayin'-- that could be an adventure. I have opted to have a pre-lit fake tree this year. It will be easier for me and not as hard to clean up afterwards. I will choose a few ornaments of my favorites gathered through the years.

Honestly too excited for words! I managed to squeeze in an extra day to be able to explore the city a little bit so now I really want to know your suggestions on what to see, eat, do and of course where to shop — suggestions on everything from clothing stores to toy stores would be greatly appriciated! Tokyo is magnificient! I love their street fashion!

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