Splatoon 2 marie and callie

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What Happened To Callie In Splatoon 2?

splatoon 2 marie and callie
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Marie (Squid Sisters)

They were the former hosts for the Inkopolis News program, which announces events, new DLC and other battle-related news. They used to host and manage Splatfests. Their voice actors are Keity.

Squid Sisters

Callie vs. Marie

Callie is a part of the Squid Sisters pop idol duo and a former host of Inkopolis News , along with her cousin Marie. Her signature color is magenta. Callie is a very fashionable Inkling and has a more 'edgy' design in comparison to her cousin. Her tentacles, which are black with a purplish-pink tinge at the ends, are very long and tied in a large bow on the back of her head, leaving the ends to dangle, along with a bang swept to the right of her face. She has large, angular eyes with gold irises and light-brown pupils in the shape of a plus. Her black eye markings end in small eyelash-like points, and her eyebrows are large and oval-shaped. Her ears are slightly narrower, longer, and upturned than those of the average Inkling, and on them, she wears a pair of chunky, milky white earrings.

Callie has been acting strangely since the final Splatfest, leaving many players to wonder what she's been up to. When Nintendo asked players to vote between Callie and Marie in 's Splatfest, few Splatoon players would have guessed that the final decision would exert direct influence over the plot for Splatoon 2. Well, surprise — that's exactly what happened. In a strange turn of events, Nintendo used social engagement to influence the future of the Squid Sisters, the original Splatoon's biggest characters, and now that players have dived headfirst into Splatoon 2 , many are left wondering just what happened between Marie and Callie. Fortunately, we've got a concise synopsis of all of the events leading up to Splatoon 2, as well as a summary of the major events of Splatoon 2, featured below. The following is a summary of the events between Splatoon and Splatoon 2, as initially presented over on Nintendo's prologue page for Splatoon 2.

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