Garrus and shepard comic

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If Shepard went to Andromeda

garrus and shepard comic
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shepard garrus

I love how they know they can count on each other. Artwork and Audio post inspired by this post by vakarian-shepard.

One of the most adorable Mass Effect fan comics I've seen ( I'm a Garrus fan so Garrus Vakarian x Shepard | Mass Effect | Romance | ME2 | ME3 | Shakarian.
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Garrus has fought valiantly alongside Commander Shepard, but his time away from his home planet Palaven has seen crime and corruption take hold there, a contradiction that becomes clearer as he investigates the murder of a turian on Omega. Cutting to the heart of Homeworlds, Garrus must choose between fighting for the galaxy or protecting his home! Many years ago on Palaven , a young Garrus Vakarian is learning how to shoot a sniper rifle with his father.

Overall, its one of my favorite fics. Not sure if it is what you are looking for though. Girl in the Box wrote Now maybe someone can help me figure out how to post a picture from DA that shows up in the forum? Then just go down the list and enjoy.

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