Sex strawberries and chocolate

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29 Aphrodisiac Foods That Can Affect Your Sex Drive

sex strawberries and chocolate
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Health and Wellness.
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8 Sexy Things to Do with Chocolate

With Valentines coming up, it seemed only prudent to run over some of the many fun and romantic ways that chocolate can be used in sex play. Using a fondue set is a great way to keep chocolate at the right temperature without constantly having to run to the stove or microwave to reheat it, then having to wait again to let it cool down. While feeding your partner chocolate is an obvious part of foreplay, working it into the dominant-submissive dynamic can make chocolate consumption that much more sensual.

If there are two things that men love more than anything, it's eating and having sex — some, like Costanza, even enjoy doing them together.
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10 seductive foods to get you in the mood

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Marta Montenegro, a Miami-based nutrition fertility lifestyles specialist at IVFMD , explains that men might look for proteins and fats to boost alertness, while women turn to carbohydrates to calm nerves and relax. -




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