Crossdresser in bra and panties

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crossdresser in bra and panties
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Do you wear a bra and panties daily

I love wearing a bra and panties every day and try to wear something girly with my outfit every day. Do you girls wear bras and panties daily or how often. I may set a poll stay tuned regarding what you like talking about the most? But, for now? As much as I love my straps I have begun to wear strapless bras. They have to stay up and either your breasts accomplish that or the bra band itself. Yet , I am really liking it.

Start by taking some basic measurements to help you find a band size that fits comfortably around your ribcage. Have fun finding your favorite cut and style, and feel free to experiment with different bras as you embrace your new curves!

5 thoughts on “Crossdresser in bra and panties

  1. I usually wear panties to work, and sometimes stockings. I wore a shear bra a few times, and was very nervous someone would find out.

  2. My sister and I were and very close and still are, we lived in Florida and she loved to bring in her bedroom and have me put on a bra, panties.

  3. All of our crossdressing lingerie, panties for men, bras and teddies are made to specifically fit you! We have designed our lingerie line especially with the needs.

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