Robotboy and robotgirl

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Robot Girl

robotboy and robotgirl

Denki Shougun - Robot Girl [DEMO]

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Professor Moshimo is a Recurring character in the animated television series Robotboy , and is his creator. He received a letter from Tommy Turnbull about him looking forward to his latest invention which resulted in Professor Moshimo sending Robotboy to Tommy to take care of.
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Robot Girl

Professor Moshimo

This article is about the character. Looking for the episode? Click here. Robotgirl is a character in Robotboy. She's the female version of Robotboy, where she.
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Robotboy is an animated television series created by Cartoon Network Europe that ran from to , Sign in.

Tommy and Robotboy were playing a video game Robotboy was winning. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Robotboy and Tommy continued playing the video game while waited patiently to play winner. Just then Robotboy heard someone tapping on the window Robotboy looked and couldn't believe who he saw. On the other side of the window was a robot that looked almost exactly like him only it's antennas were pink and it wore a skirt and a bow. Robotboy tapped Tommy on the shoulder Tommy looked up and noticed Robotgirl waiting patiently for someone to open the window.

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