Rick and morty pornhub

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‘Rick And Morty’ Was Trending On Pornhub, Of All Places, In 2017

rick and morty pornhub
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Rick & Beth (Rick & Morty parody)

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There is now a Rick and Morty sex parody from PornHub. The title is, of course, Dick and Morty. In the meantime, Beth eases the pain of her divorce with some help from the genitals of Mr.

Every year, as the calendars turn over from December to January, Pornhub takes a look back, reflecting on all the smut, sex, and Here's what kind of filthy stuff people were into in

Keeping in tradition, the internet's top porn site has published its annual year in review. With this we gain some insight into what PornHub's millions of users search for more most often. For some reason every year the results get stranger. Last year " Overwatch " and "lesbian scissoring" made their way onto the list pushing out traditional favorites like "asian" and "celebrity". This year things made an even sharper turn for the bizarre. Seen below, the image includes more than 20 search terms that were executed hundreds of thousands if not millions of times by men and women around the world.

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