Ne andra defeated and enslaved

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1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Slavery

ne andra defeated and enslaved
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Primal’s Savage Tales – Enslaved by the Evil Alchemist (Alix Lynx, Lynn Vega)

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It appears to be true that, in the words of Dunoyer, the economic regime of every society which has recently become sedentary is founded on the slavery of the industrial professions. In the hunter period the savage warrior does not enslave his vanquished enemy, but slays him; the women of a conquered tribe he may, however, carry off and appropriate as wives or as servants, for in this period domestic labour falls almost altogether on their sex. In the pastoral stage slaves will be captured only to be sold, with the exception of a few who may be required for the care of flocks or the small amount of cultivation which is then undertaken.
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