Big and natural women

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big and natural women
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Scientists have measured the assets of nearly , women born in different countries aged between 28 and 30 — excluding those who had had surgery, were pregnant, breastfeeding, or had been pregnant in the past year. Amazingly, a quarter of Caucasian American ladies had breasts weighing 5.

When I first discovered dating advice for men on the Internet in the mids, I was ecstatic; here were exactly the tools I was looking for to take what I was trying to do and put it on rocket fuel. With these tools, I knew, I could shave years off my learning curve and advance at a far faster rate than I could having to figure every single thing out by myself, on my own. It didn't take long though before I realized that many of the guys posting on seduction forums and meeting up in pickup lairs were "quirky"; there were things about them that were off, and the kinds of women they were going for were I maintained friendships with the cooler and more "normal" guys I met through PUA - and indeed, many of these guys are still good friends of mine today, and are some of the sharpest and most improvement-oriented people I know many are also quite successful in their businesses and careers nowadays - but aside from them, I largely retreated to friendships with "naturals" - guys who were naturally good with women, and hadn't studied pickup and had only the most cursory knowledge of what it taught. What I noticed was that there were some very distinct differences between the guys who were naturally good with women and the guys who were not - and while some of this went away as guys improved, some of it didn't ; these differences remained. And those differences very often meant the difference between being cool and getting the more attractive, harder-to-get girls, and not being and getting those. I don't really like the term "natural", to be honest

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